Fees & Charges

Dear Parents

It is Education Department policy that all Contributions and Charges for the following year be ratified by the School Board and circulated to parents two months prior to the start of the following school year. The figures below depict what may be charged for events in 2018. These amounts can be less than depicted, but cannot exceed what has been passed by the School Board.

The School Board has approved the following Voluntary Contributions and Charges for 2018.

The list of student requirements is available at the Chapman Valley Primary School office.

VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION 2020 $50.00 per student Chapman Valley Primary School will be requesting $50.00 per student in 2020 This money assists the school to pay for consumables used by students in their learning programs.
Leadership Camp $35.00 per student Maximum amount
Incursions & Excursions $60.00 per student Maximum amount
School Camp $200.00 per student Maximum amount
In-Term Swimming $75.00 per student

Maximum amount

Student requirements $60.00 per student Please request a stationery list from the school office.
Consumables Tissues, paper towels, pencil cases and sponges