School Uniform

StudentsChildren are expected to wear school uniform to school and on school excursions. New and second-hand uniforms are available through the office. Thongs and slip-ons are not permitted as they are dangerous and inappropriate.

SUMMER: Maroon school T-shirt, shorts and skorts. School hat, shoes and socks.

WINTER: As for summer with Maroon tracksuit pants, maroon jumper or zip jacket.

All students will require one of the new school shirts and a pair of shorts to wear to excursions, NCVISSA sports days and for school photos. It is important for our image and pride that we look neat, tidy and consistent when we are out representing our school within the community.

Uniform Orders


Students must wear hats at school to play outside. The school has a “no hat, play in the shade” policy. (This means they will have to sit on the verandah or play in the undercover area). Maroon wide brimmed hats are available from the P&C through the school office for $15 each.


T-Shirt $24
Shorts $20
Skorts $20
Jumpers $25
Zip Jackets $25
Hats $15
Track Pants $22