Communication With the School

Our School is constantly striving to improve the service we provide to our students and the School community. The relationship between the home and the school plays a very important part in a child’s education. Parents play a critical role in successful learning: being the major influence in your child’s development and on the attitude your child develops towards school and learning.

Teachers are responsible for the more formal aspects of children’s learning, and successful teaching builds on the home experiences of the child. This is most effective where there is an active partnership with parents.

Two-way communication is a vital factor in the partnership between parents and the school. Where a partnership exists, it is easier for parents to feel confident about the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom and to solve problems. Chapman Valley Primary School has an open door policy to all concerns from parents, students and community members.

Matters relating to your child in the classroom

Teachers report student performance to parents and carers in a range of forms. Examples of these include formal and informal meetings and interviews, telephone calls and end of semester formal reports. This communication is shared with you as partners in your child’s education and development. You are encouraged to maintain regular contact with your child’s teacher.

Please contact the classroom teacher or make an appointment through the school office, to set a time and date convenient to you both, to discuss your child’s progress. This could be before or after school, or during the teacher’s DOTT time. Remember, teachers are professionals and require time to prepare for meetings.

Please do not expect your child’s teacher to be able to answer all of your questions without arranging an appointment first. Early in Term 1 parents are encouraged to attend a meeting to learn what will be happening in their child’s classroom for the year. This includes information on classroom and school rules and behaviour management, expectations of the teacher and the parents and so on.

What to do if you have a problem

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