School Board

Following Chapman Valley Primary’s transition to becoming an Independent Public School in 2017, our School Council became a School Board.

Still governed by the regulations enabled by the School Education Act, 1999 and the School Education Regulations, 2000, the function of our School Board is to:

The School Board meets a minimum of once per term to review and ratify school planning. Information is relayed back to staff, the P&C and the community, generally through the board representatives. There is a minimum membership requirement of five parent representatives, one community representative and two school staff representatives, in addition to the principal. New members can be co-opted onto the board to assist with the short term needs of the school.

Independent Public School

2017 heralded an exciting new era as Chapman Valley Primary was awarded Independent Public School status. After significant community consultation and collaboration, and a year-long application process throughout 2016, this was a thrilling success for the school.

The award winning Independent Public Schools initiative has revolutionised the way public schools operate in Western Australia. An Independent Public School is a public school that has been given increased flexibility and responsibility to make local decisions across a range of school operations to enhance education outcomes for students.

Independent Public Schools have more freedom to make decisions about important matters that impact students’ education such as student support, staff recruitment, financial management, governance and accountability. An Independent Public School caters to the specific needs of its students by determining the curriculum and specialist teachers required that best support them.

We are excited to capitalise on our IPS status at Chapman Valley Primary School, to continue to benefit and enhance our community partnerships and our continuing agenda for optimal student outcomes.

School Board Members for 2017:

President: Renaye Stokes
Secretary: Deborah Keeffe
Principal: Mel Hancock
Staff Representatives: Jane Barndon
Lorraine Chapman
Parent Representative: Maree Humphries
John Van Opijnen
Tenille Webb
Breyley Lauritsen
Community Representative: Glenys Walker