Our School


Chapman Valley Primary School is located in the hills of Nabawa, 453km North-East of Perth or 40km North-East of Geraldton, belonging to the Mid-West Education region. Surrounded by fields of wheat, lupins and canola, our school caters for all students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 6 with a focus on developing specific individual learning programs for every student.

Our school is very well resourced, with a comprehensive library collection and modern teaching resources. Students enjoy instruction using evidence-based teaching strategies and programs. Students have access to 1 to 1 device use to supplement learning programs. The playgrounds provide a wonderful place for students to enjoy outdoor learning, with a large 'nature play' area, where students can build cubbies, climb, jump, create, play and explore.


With school priorities in Literacy, Numeracy, Social and Emotional Learning and an Individual Case Management approach, the administration, teachers and support staff all work together to ensure the students acquire the essential knowledge, skills, understandings and values, through targeted teaching with a focus on high impact instructional practices.


In order to maximise the opportunities for the students of Chapman Valley, students receive instruction for Indonesian from SIDE. Specialist teachers provide instruction via video links. The CHUNABI collaboration between Chapman Valley, Yuna and Binnu Primary Schools offers students with access to specialist teachers in the areas of Music, Health and Phys Ed and expanded social and emotional outcomes. This collaboration also features to reduce staff isolation, workload and develop collegiate relationships.

At Chapman Valley Primary School we believe that all students can succeed in all learning areas regardless of gender, race, cultural background and ability. Opportunities are provided for students to achieve success in a safe and encouraging learning environment where their input is valued.

In order to achieve this, the Chapman Valley Primary School staff and school community believe:

1. Relationships

Positive teacher-student relationships, high expectations and excellent classroom practice are essential for student success. That every child has the right to a safe and inclusive learning environment regardless of socio-economic status, cultural diversity, physical, intellectual or emotional development. A culture of active and open communication between staff, students and parents supports student engagement and achievement.

  1. Quality Teaching

High impact, evidenced-based teaching is an undeniable factor in increasing outcomes for our students. We focus on developing the whole child – socially, emotionally, academically, creatively and physically.

  1. Individualised

Learning needs are acknowledge and learning is scaffolded through individualised learning programs. They are culturally and developmentally appropriate and have real-life application.

  1. Progress

All young people are capable of learning, and individual progress for all students is our core business.

  1. Leadership

School leadership drives a focus on high expectations to create enabling conditions to maximise outcomes for all.


At Chapman Valley Primary School, our shared vision is of a school where children are nurtured, educated and challenged in a supportive and safe learning environment.

Strive to Achieve

Our overarching value is kindness:


We are Kind to Others, Kind to Ourselves and Kind to the Environment, Everyday.




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