Chapman Valley Primary School became an independent public school in 2017.

Still governed by the regulations enabled by the School Education Act, 1999 and the School Education Regulations, 2000, the function of our School Board is to:

  • Enhance ties between the school and community.
  • Represent the educational needs and aspirations of children, parents, citizens and teachers.
  • Develop a school plan to meet these needs and aspirations as identified.

The School Board meets a minimum of once per term to review and ratify school planning. Information is relayed back to staff, the P&C and the community, generally through the board representatives. There is a minimum membership requirement of five parent representatives, one community representative and two school staff representatives, in addition to the principal. New members can be co-opted onto the board to assist with the short term needs of the school.


Chair of Board Breyley Lauritsen
Secretary: Rotating every meeting
Principal: Joanne Luxton
Staff Representatives: Jane Barndon
Deborah Keeffe
Parent Representative: Natalie Greig
Libby McDougall
Megan O'Grady
Community Representative: Dahnie Smart